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Rank Name Raised
3176th Julia D Sangillo Julia D Sangillo $104
3176th Julia Skaggs Julia Skaggs 2years $104
3176th Julie Bossen Julie Bossen 5years $104
3176th Julio Cesar Bernuy Julio Cesar Bernuy 3years $104
3176th Justin Janco Justin Janco 5years $104
3176th Karen Flaherty Karen Flaherty 3years $104
3176th Karen Huston Karen Huston 2years $104
3176th Karen Strick Karen Strick $104
3176th Kassi Kielley Kassi Kielley $104
3176th Kate Cantu Kate Cantu 2years $104
3176th Kathryn Porter Kathryn Porter 5years $104
3176th Kathy McElroy Kathy McElroy 3years $104
3176th Kayla Kurucz Kayla Kurucz 2years $104
3176th Kelly Kirchenwitz Kelly Kirchenwitz 2years $104
3176th Kenneth Luu Kenneth Luu 3years $104
3176th Kenneth Tang Kenneth Tang $104
3176th Kimberly Nieber Kimberly Nieber $104
3176th Kirsten Zeller Kirsten Zeller 2years $104
3176th Krista Decker Krista Decker $104
3176th Kristen Sprunger Kristen Sprunger 2years $104