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Rank Name Raised
7651st Christopher Therrien Christopher Therrien 2years $508
7651st Jennifer Jones Jennifer Jones 4years $508
7651st Theresa Lode Theresa Lode 4years $508
7654th Angela Betts Angela Betts 2years $508
7655th David Sullivan David Sullivan $508
7656th Manon Mullane Manon Mullane $508
7657th DAVID ADAMS DAVID ADAMS 2years $508
7658th Sheila Van Kuren Sheila Van Kuren $508
7659th Judith Rose Judith Rose 2years $508
7660th Ellen Morrissey Ellen Morrissey $508
7661st Michael Clanin Michael Clanin 4years $508
7662nd Michael Moore Michael Moore 2years $508
7663rd Evan Wineland Evan Wineland 2years $508
7664th Christian Gil Christian Gil $508
7665th Tara Meeuwsen Tara Meeuwsen 2years $507
7666th Gary L Newsum Gary L Newsum $507
7666th Steve Kramer Steve Kramer 2years $507
7668th Sebastian Montes Sebastian Montes 3years $507
7669th jonathan depool jonathan depool $507
7670th John Ward John Ward $507