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Rank Name Raised
N/A Brandon Devroede Brandon Devroede 2years $0
2949th RS Good RS Good $1,120
4324th Kevin Fraser Kevin Fraser 2years $847
15780th Addie Johnson Addie Johnson 3years $58
10432nd Hugh Whittington Hugh Whittington 5years $342
6240th Ric Guerrero Ric Guerrero 2years $630
N/A Jason Biel Jason Biel $0
N/A Mike Tirado Mike Tirado 4years $0
2711th Ray Vadnais Ray Vadnais $1,178
N/A Randy Yarnell SaldaƱa Randy Yarnell Saldaña $0
N/A Austin Lord Austin Lord $0
228th Erik Roaf Erik Roaf $4,472
6046th Edwin Groby Edwin Groby 2years $649
N/A Dindo Francisco Dindo Francisco 2years $0
8862nd Rusty Shortland Rusty Shortland $503
6748th Lee Courtney Lee Courtney 2years $598
N/A Christina Condon Christina Condon 2years $0
N/A Raul Lopez Raul Lopez 2years $0
1509th Pastor William Longmore Pastor William Longmore $1,742
7935th William Wheeler William Wheeler 4years $528