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Rank Name Raised
2778th Mark Brodoway Mark Brodoway 7years $140
2778th Mark Myers Mark Myers 2years $140
2778th Mary Portlock Mary Portlock 3years $140
2778th Mary Seldomridge Mary Seldomridge 3years $140
2778th Matt Cobb Matt Cobb 3years $140
2778th Mickey Anderson Mickey Anderson 6years $140
2778th Mike Hildebrand Mike Hildebrand 5years $140
2778th Neeraj Choudhary Neeraj Choudhary $140
2778th Nichole Salzano Nichole Salzano 3years $140
2778th Nick Bacon Nick Bacon 4years $140
2778th Phillip Ditto Phillip Ditto 5years $140
2778th Rachael Harris-Brown Rachael Harris-Brown 2years $140
2778th Randy Howard Randy Howard 6years $140
2778th Randy Ludwig Randy Ludwig 3years $140
2778th Richard (Jim) Smith Richard (Jim) Smith 5years $140
2778th Robert Norrie Robert Norrie $140
2778th Robert Savary Robert Savary 3years $140
2778th Roland Madzunovic Roland Madzunovic 3years $140
2778th Sharon Maclin Sharon Maclin 3years $140
2778th Shawn Wisley Shawn Wisley 6years $140