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I am riding 299 mi for Aubrey McDermott. Please sponsor me and support my challenge to fight kids' cancer and save little lives.
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Aubrey McDermott

Aubrey McDermott

This 2018 photo is at age 5 and fighting for her life. She is so brave words cannot describe. In 2022 she is in remission and a beautiful child.

My Story

1 Oct 2023

2023 is my 6th year of riding for Kids Cancer Research. The fantastic news is that Aubrey is now going on 10 and has been battling cancer since 2016 at age 3. I have not updated the photo (left) because it reminds me of the pain of seeing such a young child battle cancer. After many relapses, her last treatments at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center of NYC were completed in 2022 and she is still in remission.

I have now completed my riding for 2023 with 319.2 miles for September. The family and I are celebrating Aubrey's long fight against cancer with remission while I'm blessed to still be riding for such an important mission while enjoying my 8th decade.

The need is significant because thousands of children are diagnosed with cancer every year in the United States and 38 die weekly. Thus, the research for more cures still requires research funds. TOGETHER we can help.

THANKS FOR ANY SUPPORT YOU MAY GIVE. Bless you, and your family. Regards, Bob.

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Here's my personal impact over 7 years to fight kids' cancer and save little lives.
  • 1,009 mi Ridden
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  • 1,045 mi Ridden
    $1,756 Raised
  • 531 mi Ridden
    $3,794 Raised
  • 305 mi Ridden
    $5,592 Raised
  • 252 mi Ridden
    $4,901 Raised
  • 319 mi Ridden
    $5,330 Raised
3,460 mi

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