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Rank Name Raised
1st Team Eclectic Team Eclectic $2,827.51
Members of Team Eclectic
2164th Joe Gorman Joe Gorman $336.23
2234th Cora Martin Cora Martin $327
2263rd Liz Graham Liz Graham $322.11
2736th Roberto Figueroa Roberto Figueroa $269.11
3303rd Beckie Johnston Beckie Johnston $220
4281st Tonya Pulley Tonya Pulley $160
4632nd Marla Gonka Barthel Marla Gonka Barthel $145.88
4709th Candace Grant Candace Grant $143.15
5444th Tammy Lyons Tammy Lyons $110.35
5863rd Scott Nelson Scott Nelson $100
123rd Liz Pelletier Liz Pelletier $91.40
6269th Tami Sayger Tami Sayger $91.40
6482nd Angela Adkison Angela Adkison $85
7051st Manny Bedi Manny Bedi $70
7411th Sarah-Jean Milner Sarah-Jean Milner $60.88
8037th Alice Gentz Alice Gentz $50
9652nd Antonio De Vido Antonio De Vido $35
9652nd Benjamin Pittman Benjamin Pittman $35
9652nd Erin Seewald Erin Seewald $35
9652nd Steven Shively Steven Shively $35
9652nd Tammy Schrader Tammy Schrader $35
10986th Danielle Garcia-Lance Danielle Garcia-Lance $20
10986th Heather Worster Heather Worster $20
10986th nathaneil skinner nathaneil skinner $20
11563rd Emma Griem Emma Griem $10
N/A april harriman april harriman $0
N/A Bobby Byrd Bobby Byrd $0
N/A Jane Carfagno Hall Jane Carfagno Hall $0
N/A Jennifer BeniteZ Jennifer BeniteZ $0
N/A Jim Earle Jim Earle $0
N/A Jodi Wilson Jodi Wilson $0
N/A Katherine Mae Strzelecki Katherine Mae Strzelecki $0
N/A Kelly Finley Kelly Finley $0
N/A Krysta Shows Krysta Shows $0
N/A Lacie Robertson Lacie Robertson $0
N/A Maritza Gresser Maritza Gresser $0
N/A Patrick Pellegrino Patrick Pellegrino $0
N/A Reayaz Baksh Reayaz Baksh $0
N/A Robert Menucci Robert Menucci $0
N/A Shawnna Lea Shawnna Lea $0
N/A Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown $0
N/A Trishia Elliott Trishia Elliott $0
2nd 5050 BMX 5050 BMX $1,338.43
Members of 5050 BMX
1014th Nathan Fausett Nathan Fausett $572.60
1054th Jamie Cheatem Jamie Cheatem $564.08
3567th Michael Hogan Michael Hogan $201.75
3rd Smith's Bike Shop Smith's Bike Shop $719.21
Members of Smith's Bike Shop
2317th Anna Serres Anna Serres $315
2612th Randi Pueschner Randi Pueschner $280
6846th Emily Silverson Emily Silverson $72.46
7672nd Erin Bloch Erin Bloch $51.75
4th Blue Dog Cycle Blue Dog Cycle $499.71
Members of Blue Dog Cycle
5th Pedego Palo Alto Pedego Palo Alto $388.65
Members of Pedego Palo Alto
3143rd Johnny Lee Toman Johnny Lee Toman $233.40
7672nd Kim Richman Kim Richman $51.75
6th Bike N' Coffee Bike N' Coffee $372.14
Members of Bike N' Coffee
3906th Mark Vickers Mark Vickers $181.13
5512th Kelli Nugent Kelli Nugent $108.68
7672nd Deedy Silva Deedy Silva $51.75
10488th Joseph Newlon Joseph Newlon $25
11796th Tom Nugent Tom Nugent $5.59
N/A Austin Buchwald Austin Buchwald $0
N/A Josh Frankenberry Josh Frankenberry $0
7th Normal Bicycles Normal Bicycles $351.82
Members of Normal Bicycles
3883rd Jessica Vreeswijk Jessica Vreeswijk $183.41
4172nd Chris Kudla Chris Kudla $168.41
8th Cycling Chicks Cycling Chicks $303.89
Members of Cycling Chicks
2416th Susan Mccullough Susan Mccullough $303.89
N/A Gayle Nelson Gayle Nelson $0
9th Lancaster Bent Riders Lancaster Bent Riders $194.04
Members of Lancaster Bent Riders
6535th Sarah Barrows Sarah Barrows $81.94
8037th Scott Barrows Scott Barrows $50
9433rd Suzy Remhof Suzy Remhof $36.23
N/A Amaurys Rosario Amaurys Rosario $0
N/A Cindi Davis Cindi Davis $0
N/A Laura Starman Laura Starman $0
N/A Megan Rosario Megan Rosario $0
10th Forest Beach Surf and Cucle Forest Beach Surf and Cucle $130
Members of Forest Beach Surf and Cucle
4926th Alli Neumann Roberts Alli Neumann Roberts $130
11th bill bill $120
Members of bill
867th Kevin Paul Deteau Kevin Paul Deteau $120
12th All Spoked Up All Spoked Up $100
Members of All Spoked Up
5863rd Walter Sdrenka Walter Sdrenka $100
13th Cycle Center Cycle Center $95.88
Members of Cycle Center
6187th John Green John Green $95.88
14th Old Town Old Town $75
Members of Old Town
6724th Jules Uzquiano Jules Uzquiano $75
15th Cyclemaniacs Cyclemaniacs $51.75
Members of Cyclemaniacs
7672nd Carol Godwin Carol Godwin $51.75
16th Team Arlberg Team Arlberg $51.75
Members of Team Arlberg
N/A Alyson Peck Alyson Peck $0
N/A Greg Peck Greg Peck $0
N/A Mateo Maestas Mateo Maestas $0
17th Summit City Bicycles & Fitness Summit City Bicycles & Fitness $31.05
Members of Summit City Bicycles & Fitness
10180th Derek Reed Derek Reed $31.05
N/A Abigail Snyder Abigail Snyder $0
N/A Jacob Wheaton Jacob Wheaton $0
18th Cji Cji $1
Members of Cji
N/A Charles Iassa Jackson Charles Iassa Jackson $1
N/A 25000spins 25000spins $0
Members of 25000spins
N/A craig shipton craig shipton $0
N/A Avengers endgames Avengers endgames $0
Members of Avengers endgames
N/A Mark Jirau Mark Jirau $0
N/A BJJ Santos Team BJJ Santos Team $0
Members of BJJ Santos Team
N/A Cristiano Santos Cristiano Santos $0
N/A Bono Bono $0
Members of Bono
N/A Adam Dias Adam Dias $0
N/A Can do Can do $0
Members of Can do
N/A Tamara Weekes Tamara Weekes $0
N/A Cancer Slayer Cancer Slayer $0
Members of Cancer Slayer
N/A Gregory Fuchs Gregory Fuchs $0
N/A CountrySide Bicycling CountrySide Bicycling $0
Members of CountrySide Bicycling
N/A Coy Smith Coy Smith $0
N/A mikah barnes mikah barnes $0
N/A Fraser Blazers Fraser Blazers $0
Members of Fraser Blazers
N/A Savannah Fraser Savannah Fraser $0
N/A Goodson custom cycle's Goodson custom cycle's $0
Members of Goodson custom cycle's
N/A Richie Goodson Richie Goodson $0
N/A jeremy team jeremy team $0
Members of jeremy team
N/A Jeremy Brown Jeremy Brown $0
N/A Jesus bikes Jesus bikes $0
Members of Jesus bikes
N/A Matthew Thomas Matthew Thomas $0
N/A Johnny Johnny $0
Members of Johnny
N/A Elvis Romero Elvis Romero $0
N/A kifkaf kafu kifkaf kafu $0
Members of kifkaf kafu
N/A Kiflom Garya Kiflom Garya $0
N/A Manuel Manuel $0
Members of Manuel
N/A Manuel Sanchez Manuel Sanchez $0
N/A North central cyclery North central cyclery $0
Members of North central cyclery
N/A Dale Simpson Dale Simpson $0
N/A RC Riders RC Riders $0
Members of RC Riders
N/A Phil Cooper Phil Cooper $0
N/A SBS Race Team SBS Race Team $0
Members of SBS Race Team
N/A Grant Godfrey Grant Godfrey $0
N/A Team Cancer Fighters Team Cancer Fighters $0
Members of Team Cancer Fighters
N/A Jason Edwards Jason Edwards $0
N/A Tri Bike Run Tri Bike Run $0
Members of Tri Bike Run
N/A Shannan Currier Shannan Currier $0
N/A Tripl3 Crossed BMX Tripl3 Crossed BMX $0
Members of Tripl3 Crossed BMX
N/A Marilyn Jay Marilyn Jay $0
N/A Tucson.Coasters Tucson.Coasters $0
Members of Tucson.Coasters
N/A Anthony Hunter Anthony Hunter $0
N/A Waxhaw Bike Depot Waxhaw Bike Depot $0
Members of Waxhaw Bike Depot
N/A Jason Hall Jason Hall $0
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