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Rank Name Raised
N/A Carol Beliveau Carol Beliveau 3years $0
N/A Christina Condon Christina Condon 2years $0
N/A Cody K. Weber Cody K. Weber $0
10001st Dominique Godefroy Dominique Godefroy $393
N/A Enrique Sanabria Enrique Sanabria $0
N/A Eric Foltz Eric Foltz 7years $0
1128th Fernando Sattaur Fernando Sattaur 4years $2,177
N/A Fred Fitzgerald Fred Fitzgerald $0
736th Janette Slusher Janette Slusher 2years $2,727
N/A John Culler John Culler $0
N/A Jonathan Wallace Jonathan Wallace $0
N/A Josh Palmer Josh Palmer $0
2110th Kevin Dowkes Kevin Dowkes 3years $1,393
N/A Linus TAYLOR Linus TAYLOR $0
16746th Luca Mace Luca Mace 2years $36
6417th Marcos DeLima Marcos DeLima $616
4570th Mike Anderson Mike Anderson 3years $807
N/A Mitch Goodwin Mitch Goodwin $0
14603rd Napoleon Moore Napoleon Moore 4years $100
557th Paul Eustace Paul Eustace 5years $3,034