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Rank Name Raised
2914th David Ervin David Ervin 2years $1,266
154th Steven Bailey Steven Bailey 4years $1,263
155th Joshua Dubner Joshua Dubner 2years $1,260
156th Keith Young Keith Young 6years $1,256
157th Matthew Buckler Matthew Buckler $1,252
158th Russell Spann Russell Spann 4years $1,242
159th Michael Hescock Michael Hescock $1,237
160th Joe Nordstrom Joe Nordstrom 6years $1,235
161st Cody Sutton Cody Sutton 2years $1,228
162nd Ethan Jason Ethan Jason 3years $1,228
163rd Matthew Gabay Matthew Gabay 3years $1,225
164th Andy Smith Andy Smith 3years $1,216
165th Priscilla Sanchez Priscilla Sanchez $1,216
166th Edward DeLaura Edward DeLaura 2years $1,214
167th Chan Bliss Chan Bliss 7years $1,209
168th Jeffrey Postell Jeffrey Postell 2years $1,203
169th Teri Thomas Teri Thomas 6years $1,199
170th Debbie Wagner Debbie Wagner 3years $1,194
171st Jef Kopp Jef Kopp $1,194
172nd Gina Le Gina Le $1,178