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Rank Name Raised
199th Karen Allen Karen Allen 2years $4,445
200th James Spahn James Spahn 5years $4,414
201st John White John White 5years $4,410
202nd Ed Miller Ed Miller 5years $4,374
203rd John Kreamer John Kreamer 6years $4,373
204th Brandon David East Brandon David East 2years $4,363
205th Susan Edwards Susan Edwards $4,351
206th Dean Peyton Dean Peyton $4,337
207th Geoff Merrick Geoff Merrick 2years $4,337
208th David Wicks David Wicks 5years $4,311
209th Saladin White Saladin White 2years $4,310
210th Bob Taylor Bob Taylor 4years $4,304
211th Curt Roese Curt Roese 2years $4,297
212th Marshall McIver Marshall McIver 4years $4,284
213th Kevin Hitzemann Kevin Hitzemann 3years $4,280
214th Andre Louis Andre Louis $4,276
215th Christopher Nikles Christopher Nikles 6years $4,276
216th Clay Preston Clay Preston 3years $4,268
217th Phil Moody-Sarquis Phil Moody-Sarquis 5years $4,262
218th George Hakkila George Hakkila 3years $4,257