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Rank Name Raised
4968th Colton Applewhite Colton Applewhite $36
N/A jesse sutton jesse sutton $0
N/A John Lester II John Lester II $0
N/A Jonathan Eugene Shelly Jonathan Eugene Shelly $0
N/A jordan vanwinkle jordan vanwinkle $0
N/A Kacey McCloskey Kacey McCloskey $0
N/A mark blanche mark blanche $0
N/A Michael Herod Michael Herod $0
N/A michael mercer michael mercer $0
N/A Michael Mercer Michael Mercer $0
568th Patrick J McDonald Patrick J McDonald $527
N/A Richard Hester Richard Hester $0
N/A Sergio Pug Flores Sergio Pug Flores $0
1475th Stephanie Boosahda Stephanie Boosahda $242
N/A Timothy Andres Timothy Andres $0
N/A Torin McFarland Torin McFarland $0
N/A Geoffry Westfall Geoffry Westfall $0
N/A Eric Foltz Eric Foltz $0
712th Robert Paradis Robert Paradis $487
N/A Brock Sipe Brock Sipe $0