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Rank Name Raised
N/A Audrey Cooper Tolouian Audrey Cooper Tolouian $0
N/A Audrey Woods Audrey Woods $0
N/A Austin Horstman Austin Horstman $0
549th Austin Jennings Austin Jennings $40
N/A Ayyanarappan chinnaraja pillai Ayyanarappan chinnaraja pillai $0
N/A Baltazar Goodger Baltazar Goodger $0
N/A Barb Abeln Barb Abeln $0
N/A Barb Kise Barb Kise $0
N/A Barbara Anderson Barbara Anderson $0
310th Barbara Gilbert Barbara Gilbert $120
N/A barbara paschke barbara paschke $0
N/A Barbara Paulo Barbara Paulo $0
708th Barbara Valladares Barbara Valladares $19
468th Barbra Vidinich Barbra Vidinich $60
N/A Barret Kaltz Barret Kaltz $0
N/A Barrie McDaniel Barrie McDaniel $0
N/A Barry Taylor Barry Taylor $0
N/A Basia Ela Basia Ela $0
N/A Beate Baltes Beate Baltes $0
N/A Beau Jero Beau Jero $0