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Rank Name Raised
56th Jen Williams Jen Williams 3years $7,572
57th Mindy Mahler Mindy Mahler $7,386
58th Clayton Saxour Clayton Saxour $7,335
59th Tom Schultz Tom Schultz 5years $7,334
60th D’Lee Marshall D’Lee Marshall 2years $7,260
61st Paul Streiff Paul Streiff 2years $7,227
62nd David Zilkowski David Zilkowski 4years $7,215
63rd Bill Mester Bill Mester 2years $7,158
64th Jim Polites Jim Polites 5years $7,034
65th Steve Allie Steve Allie 4years $7,032
66th Bob Wismer Bob Wismer 5years $6,958
67th Darryl Godwin Darryl Godwin 2years $6,945
68th Howard FIderer Howard FIderer 2years $6,898
69th Luis Guanzon Luis Guanzon 2years $6,881
70th Derek Buckridge Derek Buckridge 5years $6,801
71st Mike Schreck Mike Schreck 2years $6,798
72nd Lucy Colston Lucy Colston $6,782
73rd Buddy Sims Buddy Sims 4years $6,631
74th Randi Senzer Najac Randi Senzer Najac 2years $6,624
75th TJ Scallon TJ Scallon 2years $6,615