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Rank Name Raised
116th Stephen Fink Stephen Fink $30
118th Andre Varunok Andre Varunok $26
118th Dawn Stastny Dawn Stastny $26
118th Joe Brenneman Joe Brenneman $26
118th Sherry Brenneman Sherry Brenneman $26
122nd David Grosnick David Grosnick $25
122nd Debi Cool King Debi Cool King $25
122nd Eric Shepard Eric Shepard $25
122nd Jose Reyes Jose Reyes $25
122nd Keith Cevasco Keith Cevasco $25
122nd Kristina Hohstadt Kristina Hohstadt $25
122nd Randy Zimmerman Randy Zimmerman $25
122nd Ruey Chang Ruey Chang $25
122nd Thaieast Pittman Thaieast Pittman $25
131st Aspen Ferguson Aspen Ferguson $21
131st Jeremie Vang Jeremie Vang $21
131st Karl Carrigan Karl Carrigan $21
131st Marge Chapman Marge Chapman $21
135th Tanya Luck Tanya Luck $20
136th Jonathan Roy Jonathan Roy $10