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Rank Name Raised
8866th Rusty Shortland Rusty Shortland $503
N/A Conner Matlosz Conner Matlosz $0
870th Denise Forcione Lozito Denise Forcione Lozito 3years $2,574
1509th Pastor William Longmore Pastor William Longmore $1,742
N/A Stxcie Brxnner Stxcie Brxnner $0
7938th William Wheeler William Wheeler 4years $528
N/A Mark Newsome Mark Newsome 3years $0
16767th Christian Davis Christian Davis 2years $36
13707th Larry Parker Larry Parker 6years $124
203rd John Zrebny John Zrebny 2years $4,788
16767th Ed Langone Ed Langone 3years $36
N/A Joseph Morey Joseph Morey $0
15681st Kerry Hales Kerry Hales 3years $62
2951st Tomer Solomonov Tomer Solomonov 2years $1,119
2982nd Bernard Manale Bernard Manale 4years $1,112
1429th Diane Dorn Diane Dorn 6years $1,805
13419th Steven King Steven King $139
N/A Tammy Hassenpflug Tammy Hassenpflug 5years $0
12416th Michael John Miller Michael John Miller 3years $192
N/A Zach Maudlin Zach Maudlin $0