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Rank Name Raised
N/A Joshua T Carter Joshua T Carter $0
N/A Juan Cordero Juan Cordero $0
N/A Julian Almaraz Julian Almaraz $0
N/A Julie Dewitz Julie Dewitz $0
N/A Julie Spielman Julie Spielman $0
N/A Julien MENU Julien MENU $0
N/A Justin Kent Justin Kent $0
N/A Kaitlyn Bieszk Kaitlyn Bieszk $0
N/A Kami Tassin Kami Tassin $0
N/A Karen Martens Karen Martens $0
N/A Kate Polk Kate Polk $0
N/A Kathy Dunn Kathy Dunn $0
N/A Kathy Moon Kathy Moon $0
N/A Katie Bassett Katie Bassett $0
N/A Katie Nelson Katie Nelson $0
N/A Kayci Westwood Kayci Westwood $0
N/A Kayla Bishop Kayla Bishop $0
N/A Keith Smith Keith Smith $0
N/A Keith Wills Keith Wills $0
N/A Kevin Fadely Kevin Fadely $0