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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jeff Cunningham Jeff Cunningham 3years $0
927th Chris Guarraia Chris Guarraia $2,249
2129th Douglas Auld Douglas Auld 2years $1,281
11132nd Robyn Womac Robyn Womac 5years $249
2164th Kevin Dowkes Kevin Dowkes 3years $1,268
1377th Denise Pascual Denise Pascual 2years $1,686
11840th Steve Ballou Steve Ballou 3years $202
196th John Zrebny John Zrebny 2years $4,421
6842nd Gerry Stephenson Gerry Stephenson $556
N/A Marcos DeLima Marcos DeLima $0
10045th Waldo Malan Waldo Malan $331
82nd Richard Coleman Richard Coleman 3years $6,403
972nd Richard Gottlieb Richard Gottlieb 4years $2,162
1544th Manaen Schlabach Manaen Schlabach 2years $1,580
7551st Jason Lewis Jason Lewis $517
11231st Mark Wilson Mark Wilson 2years $240
463rd Dave Carta Dave Carta 2years $3,067
9429th Dominique Godefroy Dominique Godefroy $393
5651st joe mirocke joe mirocke 3years $642
593rd James Fuller James Fuller 2years $2,776