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Rank Name Raised
N/A Steven Ober Steven Ober $0
N/A Sue Casaway Sue Casaway $0
418th Sue King Sue King $100
N/A Supraja Pattangi Supraja Pattangi $0
69th Susan Bezek Susan Bezek $682
692nd Susan Jago Susan Jago $35
N/A Susan Sauer Susan Sauer $0
N/A Susanna Burger Susanna Burger $0
N/A Susie Orsak Susie Orsak $0
N/A Sydney Marino Sydney Marino $0
622nd Sylvia Gonzalez Sylvia Gonzalez $36
60th Tanya Luck Tanya Luck $744
N/A Ted Muench Ted Muench $0
329th Teri Thomas Teri Thomas $129
580th Terri Holt Terri Holt $50
N/A Terri Martinelli Roberts Terri Martinelli Roberts $0
N/A Terry Shryack Terry Shryack $0
327th Theresa Blye Stanton Theresa Blye Stanton $130
580th Thomas Benes Thomas Benes $50
N/A Thomas Stegall Thomas Stegall $0