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Rank Name Raised
236th Mary Girouard Mary Girouard 3years $4,135
237th Deborah Wharff Deborah Wharff 4years $4,123
238th Bart Grignon Bart Grignon 3years $4,107
239th Paul Eustace Paul Eustace 6years $4,107
240th Cathy Nazzaro Cathy Nazzaro 7years $4,098
241st Pat Tuley Pat Tuley 2years $4,096
242nd Sean Flynn Sean Flynn 3years $4,093
243rd Mateo Maestas Mateo Maestas 6years $4,085
244th Brian Bradley Brian Bradley 7years $4,058
245th Phil Moody-Sarquis Phil Moody-Sarquis 6years $4,052
246th Chris Belcher Chris Belcher 6years $4,041
247th Maggie Lowe Maggie Lowe 3years $4,040
248th Michael Frew Michael Frew 3years $4,038
248th Vicki Wheeler Vicki Wheeler 3years $4,038
250th Carl Kehlenbach Carl Kehlenbach 2years $4,033
251st Steven Schwankert Steven Schwankert $4,030
252nd Dylan Obermueller Dylan Obermueller 4years $4,029
253rd Jeffery LaBombard Jeffery LaBombard 7years $4,024
254th Eric Sickenberger Eric Sickenberger 3years $4,022
255th Grace Marquis Grace Marquis 4years $4,021