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Rank Name Raised
240th Mike Chavez Mike Chavez 2years $4,351
241st Joel Biller Joel Biller 6years $4,347
242nd Saladin White Saladin White 2years $4,341
243rd Dean Peyton Dean Peyton $4,337
244th Dayna Alexander Dayna Alexander $4,323
245th Christopher Nikles Christopher Nikles 6years $4,318
246th Bob Taylor Bob Taylor 4years $4,304
247th Don Dinulos Don Dinulos $4,301
248th Engling Yeo Engling Yeo 2years $4,294
249th Kevin Hitzemann Kevin Hitzemann 3years $4,280
250th Andre Louis Andre Louis $4,276
251st Clay Preston Clay Preston 3years $4,268
252nd Scott Huibers Scott Huibers 5years $4,268
253rd Matthew Gabay Matthew Gabay 2years $4,258
254th Rolando Ray Rolando Ray 3years $4,254
255th Casey Snook Casey Snook 4years $4,241
256th Julia Nanigian Julia Nanigian 6years $4,231
257th Priti Rastogi Priti Rastogi 2years $4,230
258th Carie Terrill Carie Terrill 4years $4,229
259th Ginny Kinne Ginny Kinne 2years $4,227