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Rank Name Raised
134th John Huffman John Huffman $1,025
135th Ashley Goldman Ashley Goldman $1,021
136th Paul Cupp Paul Cupp $1,017
137th Greg Frederick Greg Frederick $1,012
138th Brad Lindenmayer Brad Lindenmayer $1,005
139th kenny harris kenny harris $1,004
140th Julie Klein Julie Klein $1,004
141st Victor Leyva Victor Leyva $1,003
142nd Xenophon Smith Xenophon Smith $1,003
143rd Kelly Bair Kelly Bair $1,001
144th Tyler OBrien Tyler OBrien $1,000
145th Amanda Massih Amanda Massih $1,000
145th Kalyn Lemke Kalyn Lemke $1,000
147th Laura Zuchovicki Laura Zuchovicki $996
148th Rian Mintek Rian Mintek $984
149th Ricardo Andreu Ricardo Andreu $982
150th Saravana Kumar Saravana Kumar $960
151st Laurie Behr Laurie Behr $954
152nd Trigg White Trigg White $950
153rd Kelley Ryan Kelley Ryan $949