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Rank Name Raised
135th Jessica Renee Jessica Renee $25.88
135th Patrick Castiglia Patrick Castiglia $25.88
135th Paul Bellottie Paul Bellottie $25.88
140th Roderick Moore Roderick Moore $25.88
141st Connie Reeves Connie Reeves $25
141st Dan Barringer Dan Barringer $25
141st Dan Dederick Dan Dederick $25
141st Jennifer Roberts Jennifer Roberts $25
141st VanillaFudge Thunder VanillaFudge Thunder $25
146th Tom Bradford Tom Bradford $20.70
147th Devin Hunter Devin Hunter $20
147th Garry Rodriguez Garry Rodriguez $20
149th Gina Calabro Gina Calabro $15
149th Jordan Rittenhouse Jordan Rittenhouse $15
149th Robert Szajna Robert Szajna $15
152nd John Martin John Martin $10.35
152nd Jordan Etherton Jordan Etherton $10.35
152nd Otto Enax Otto Enax $10.35
155th Greg Johnson Greg Johnson $10
155th Karl Carrigan Karl Carrigan $10