Jeff Mulder

Jeff Mulder
Make lives better one pedal and one dollar at a time.
I've Ridden 844.3 mi to fight kids' cancer
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  • National: 2nd
  • State: 1st in MI
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My Story

31 Jan 2022

I started using my bike to fundraise in 2008. I knew nothing about cancer, but followed Lance in the Tour and had heard of LiveSTRONG. I went to my first Challenge event in Portland. I had no idea there could be this much pain, suffering, hope, and heroism out side a war or natural disaster. I have been fundraising ever since.

I have been lucky. Cancer has so far not touched my life in any meaningful way. My wife, Jeri, had cancer, but she was in and out of it all before we met. Sure, every-time some kind of physical ailment happens the first thought is cancer, but so far that has only been worry. Even though LiveSTRONG’s mission changed I have continued to be drawn to cancer fighting organizations. I ride and raise money because other cannot.

When I did my first Great Cycle Challenge in 2019, it was very similar to 2008. Sure, I now knew something about cancer, but I joined because kept seeing this event on Facebook, it was in July, and I thought this would be a good way to see if I can ride 1,000 miles in a month. It had nothing to do with fighting child hood cancer. I did not even know what the event was all about until I had signed up.

So, I am not a normal fundraiser. I am drawn by the passion of the team helping all these kids. I am amazed that such a small organization can raise so much in such a short amount of time. I love the way the entire fundraising event is done in a month. And while I am not a “gamer” it is so cool how this organization has gamified the fundraising process. AND along the way everything that we do goes to eradicate childhood cancer.

In 2022 my goals are:

* 30 Sponsors (30 days in September)

* 470 miles (47 kids a day get cancer)

* Climb 17,293’ (average number of kids getting cancer in the USA per year)

* Raise $22,000 (It is 2022!)

If you read this far, I sure hope you will consider contributing to my effort. My wife and I will match any amount!


The Road Rider

My Challenge

  • 10.0 mi ride - Trainer - Saturday, November 19, 2022
    Logged this ride 10 days ago
  • 10.0 mi ride - Trainer - Tuesday, November 8, 2022
    Logged this ride 21 days ago
  • 10.0 mi ride - Trainer - Monday, November 7, 2022
    Logged this ride 22 days ago
  • 10.8 mi ride - Afternoon Ride - Wednesday, November 2, 2022
    Logged this ride 26 days ago
  • 19.9 mi ride - Morning Ride - Sunday, October 30, 2022
    Logged this ride 30 days ago
  • 20.2 mi ride - Afternoon Ride - Saturday, October 29, 2022
    Logged this ride 31 days ago
  • 13.8 mi ride - Morning Ride - Tuesday, October 25, 2022
    Logged this ride 35 days ago
  • 13.8 mi ride - Morning Ride - Monday, October 24, 2022
    Logged this ride 36 days ago
  • 8.2 mi ride - Morning Ride - Saturday, October 22, 2022
    Logged this ride 38 days ago
  • 27.4 mi ride - Morning Ride - Friday, October 21, 2022
    Logged this ride 39 days ago

My Sponsors

  • Kick Cancer's Butt Day matched donation
    “Here's your matched donation from a group of wonderful Children's Cancer Research Fund supporters. THANK YOU so much for your awesome efforts to kick cancer's butt!”
    Received this donation 75 days ago
  • David and Betty Killoran via the David and Betty Killoran Charitable Fund
    Received this donation 75 days ago
  • Anonymous
    “Thanks for all you do for such a good cause - can't wait to see your results at the end of the month!”
    Received this donation 76 days ago
  • Larry and Karen Mulder
    Received this donation 77 days ago
  • Michael Mulder
    Received this donation 143 days ago
  • Bob Turner
    Received this donation 78 days ago
  • Jennifer Mesler
    Received this donation 127 days ago
  • Anonymous
    “Happy to support this great cause, and the tremendous effort you've put forth in support of it.”
    Received this donation 82 days ago
  • Allen Strebel
    Received this donation 87 days ago
  • Matching Gift from Community Foundation Holland/Zeeland Area on behalf of Jeff Mulder
    Received this donation 166 days ago
  • Shine Foundation
    Received this donation 301 days ago
  • Anonymous
    Received this donation 88 days ago
  • David & Angela Korte
    “Great work Jeff! Enjoy the lake.”
    Received this donation 145 days ago
  • Anonymous
    “Keeping on peddling !”
    Received this donation 236 days ago
    Jeff Mulder
    “Whoever you are thank you very much! My biking so far this year is going really well. While I have not started yet, my fundraising gimic this year is a jersey ride of choice. For anyone who donates $100 or more can choose one of the jerseys I currently have. For $1,000 or more I will buy a jersey of their choice and ride with that. Since you are well over $100, I would love to do a dedication ride for you. If you email me, I will keep your name completely confidential. SHINE! (”
  • J. Alex Tomaich
    Received this donation 139 days ago
  • J. Alex Tomaich
    Received this donation 126 days ago
  • Korte & Company
    Received this donation 78 days ago
  • Rodger and Amanda Price
    “Thanks for doing this Jeff and putting yourself out there for kids and others!”
    Received this donation 78 days ago
  • Anonymous
    Received this donation 76 days ago
  • The Bartels Family
    “Thanks for supporting this cause!”
    Received this donation 63 days ago
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