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Rank Name Raised
8077th Ronald Connolly Ronald Connolly $239.20
5881st Richard Borget Richard Borget $420.18
N/A Troy Butner Troy Butner $0
N/A scott leonard scott leonard $0
205th Bill Bowens Bill Bowens $2,853.05
9197th Eric Foltz Eric Foltz $180.88
N/A Rachel Ann Young Rachel Ann Young $1,005.48
10677th Greg Boyd Greg Boyd $121.78
N/A Linda Walinsky Linda Walinsky $524.78
N/A Giordano Fronte Giordano Fronte $0
N/A Lisa Fisher Lisa Fisher $0
112th Rick Louviere Rick Louviere $3,686.62
N/A MJ Keymon MJ Keymon $0
10837th Henry Coffiel Henry Coffiel $119.03
39th Jordan Rayboy Jordan Rayboy $6,031.51
7777th chuck Hood chuck Hood $256.25
226th John burgett John burgett $2,723.99
N/A Ian Hoogendam Ian Hoogendam $0
1240th Brock Sipe Brock Sipe $1,106
9050th Cory Leonhardt Cory Leonhardt $188.85