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Rank Name Raised
N/A courtney carpenter courtney carpenter $0
N/A Courtney Carpenter Courtney Carpenter $0
N/A Cynthia Lofthus Cynthia Lofthus $0
N/A Dan Corria Dan Corria $0
N/A Dan Dederick Dan Dederick $0
N/A Dan Parmelee Dan Parmelee $0
N/A Dana Kenney Dana Kenney $0
N/A Dane Filter Dane Filter $0
N/A daniel ainsworth daniel ainsworth $0
N/A Daniela Martinez Daniela Martinez $0
N/A Danita Griffey Danita Griffey $0
N/A Dara Elish Dara Elish $0
N/A Darla Nemec Darla Nemec $0
N/A Darlene Larsen Darlene Larsen $0
N/A Darrel Conway Darrel Conway $0
N/A Darrick Bissell Darrick Bissell $0
N/A Dave Freeman Dave Freeman $0
N/A David Abernathy David Abernathy $0
N/A David Kreiensieck David Kreiensieck $0
N/A David Stoebe David Stoebe $0