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Rank Name Raised
76th Marcus Harbert Marcus Harbert $1,045
77th Bob Potter Bob Potter 2years $1,037
78th Janet Beckley Janet Beckley 4years $1,035
78th Mauricio Ramirez Mauricio Ramirez 2years $1,035
80th David Jerome Blake David Jerome Blake 2years $1,031
81st Shawn Phillippe Shawn Phillippe $1,020
82nd Leonard Rhett Leonard Rhett 2years $1,015
83rd Jeremy Lohman Jeremy Lohman 3years $1,012
84th Tomer Solomonov Tomer Solomonov 2years $1,009
85th Jean-francois Poirier Jean-francois Poirier $995
86th Steve Bouchard Steve Bouchard 5years $991
87th Jagadesh Ganti Jagadesh Ganti 2years $982
88th Sheila Amaral Sheila Amaral 4years $953
89th Ralph Alcala Ralph Alcala 2years $910
90th Ronnie Parsons Ronnie Parsons 5years $910
91st Jamie Kingdom Jamie Kingdom $910
92nd Alexander Gershenson Alexander Gershenson $907
93rd Karen A. Thompson Karen A. Thompson 2years $904
94th Laura Zuchovicki Laura Zuchovicki 6years $902
95th William Gaudette William Gaudette $882