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Rank Name Raised
77th Randy Gire Randy Gire $236.23
78th Betty Anne Henderson Betty Anne Henderson $230
79th Daniel Schaffer Daniel Schaffer $227.70
80th michelle beaulieu michelle beaulieu $226.65
81st Victoria Jones Victoria Jones $222.45
82nd Stacie Harder Stacie Harder $220.88
83rd Mike Howell Mike Howell $220.79
84th John Martin John Martin $220
84th Nancy Nelson Difede Nancy Nelson Difede $220
86th Jack Scollard Jack Scollard $217.35
87th Martin Tirres Martin Tirres $216.75
88th Chris Schnyder Chris Schnyder $216.33
89th Hillary Rademacher Hillary Rademacher $216.13
90th Arby Davis Arby Davis $215
90th Dennis Premo Dennis Premo $215
92nd Roger Hagerty Roger Hagerty $210.95
93rd Melissa Bandy Melissa Bandy $210
93rd You Qing Lin You Qing Lin $210
93rd Zachary S Meyer Zachary S Meyer $210
96th Richard Khan Richard Khan $206.29