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Rank Name Raised
226th Tom Lundquist Tom Lundquist 3years $4,480
227th Susan Edwards Susan Edwards $4,473
228th Erik Roaf Erik Roaf $4,472
229th David Edmonds David Edmonds 2years $4,472
230th Amy Kaufman Amy Kaufman 5years $4,472
231st Brandon David East Brandon David East 2years $4,466
232nd David Schild David Schild 3years $1,103
232nd Laura Gagne Laura Gagne 3years $4,465
233rd Curt Roese Curt Roese 2years $4,463
234th Nancy Reed Nancy Reed 4years $4,389
235th Marshall McIver Marshall McIver 4years $4,387
236th Phil Moody-Sarquis Phil Moody-Sarquis 5years $4,376
237th Ed Miller Ed Miller 5years $4,374
238th Ross Wunderlich Ross Wunderlich $4,372
239th Nancy C Haas Nancy C Haas 5years $4,359
240th Mike Chavez Mike Chavez 2years $4,351
241st Joel Biller Joel Biller 6years $4,347
242nd Saladin White Saladin White 2years $4,341
243rd Dean Peyton Dean Peyton $4,337
244th Dayna Alexander Dayna Alexander $4,323