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Rank Name Raised
114th Maredith Spector Maredith Spector 3years $1,576
115th Cindy Myrick Cindy Myrick 7years $1,573
116th Jim Brown Jim Brown 6years $1,571
117th John Brunette John Brunette 4years $1,557
118th Danny Miller Danny Miller 7years $1,548
119th Charlie Vinopal Charlie Vinopal $1,535
120th Susan DeLawyer Susan DeLawyer 2years $1,534
121st Michael Petrella Michael Petrella 4years $1,532
122nd Paul Eustace Paul Eustace 6years $1,530
123rd Teri B Chapman Teri B Chapman 4years $1,520
124th Ira Lunsk Ira Lunsk 5years $1,518
125th Pam Rhine Pam Rhine 2years $1,509
126th Suzanne Tullo Suzanne Tullo $1,506
127th Victor Masciarelli Victor Masciarelli $1,503
128th Tyler Geske Tyler Geske 4years $1,470
129th Hanny Shanar Hanny Shanar 2years $1,467
130th Jesse Davis Jesse Davis 5years $1,461
131st James LeBlanc James LeBlanc 2years $1,445
132nd Arley Fong Arley Fong 2years $1,409
133rd Louis Tanenbaum Louis Tanenbaum 4years $1,404