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Rank Name Raised
56th DL Reed DL Reed $860
57th Maura Nicholson Maura Nicholson $839
58th Karen Boyle Karen Boyle $826
59th Tracy Crosby Tracy Crosby $823
60th Brian  Phelps Brian Phelps $822
61st Brad Lindenmayer Brad Lindenmayer $803
62nd Gary Schnabel Gary Schnabel $802
63rd John Brennan John Brennan $799
64th Gary Wilkerson Gary Wilkerson $785
65th Laura Borchert Laura Borchert $776
66th Doug Kramer Doug Kramer $772
67th Linda Porter Linda Porter $771
68th George Shumar George Shumar $770
69th Mark Whitcomb Mark Whitcomb $762
70th Lauren Edwards Lauren Edwards $757
71st Evan Fusco Evan Fusco $755
72nd Doug Farrington Doug Farrington $754
73rd Katrina Woods Katrina Woods $745
74th Duane Schaefer Duane Schaefer $743
75th Betty Anne Henderson Betty Anne Henderson $736