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Rank Name Raised
N/A Josh Petry Josh Petry $0
237th Josh Prehn Josh Prehn 2years $475
N/A Joshua Bazzell Joshua Bazzell $0
N/A Joshua Cornette Joshua Cornette $0
N/A Joshua Kimble Joshua Kimble $0
N/A Joshua Milheiser Joshua Milheiser $0
1442nd Joshua Wilder Joshua Wilder $26
N/A Joshua Wright Joshua Wright $0
929th Jourdain Thompson Jourdain Thompson 2years $75
N/A Joy Kitchell Joy Kitchell 3years $0
N/A Juan Canales Juan Canales 4years $0
N/A Juan Carlos Villasenor Juan Carlos Villasenor $0
N/A Juan Marin Juan Marin $0
N/A Juan Martínez Conde Juan Martínez Conde $0
N/A Juan Miguel Lopez Juan Miguel Lopez $0
N/A Juan Muñoz Juan Muñoz $0
N/A Juanita Connors Juanita Connors $0
N/A Judith Castro Judith Castro $0
N/A Judy Siemianowski Judy Siemianowski 3years $0
N/A Julian Sedor Julian Sedor $0