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Rank Name Raised
N/A Alejandro Berrio Alejandro Berrio 3years $0
N/A Alejandro Chirinos Alejandro Chirinos $0
N/A Alejandro Jimenez Alejandro Jimenez $0
N/A Alejandro Zemeco Alejandro Zemeco 3years $0
N/A Alek Dolzadelli Alek Dolzadelli $0
N/A Aleksandra Gradinarova Aleksandra Gradinarova 4years $0
N/A Alex Alorro Alex Alorro 3years $0
N/A Alex Alters Alex Alters 5years $0
N/A Alex Blanco Alex Blanco $0
N/A Alex Blanton Alex Blanton 4years $0
N/A Alex Bright Alex Bright $0
N/A Alex Concepcion Alex Concepcion $0
N/A Alex Covarrubias Alex Covarrubias 3years $0
651st Alex Cross Alex Cross 3years $154
N/A Alex Current Alex Current 3years $0
N/A Alex Haba Alex Haba 2years $0
N/A Alex Harris Alex Harris 2years $0
N/A Alex Harris Alex Harris 2years $0
N/A Alex Jefferson Alex Jefferson $0
N/A Alex Ketchpaw Alex Ketchpaw 4years $0