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Rank Name Raised
135th gary eisen gary eisen 3years $4,997
136th Mary Lynn Grizzell Mary Lynn Grizzell 3years $4,965
137th Craig Burlingame Craig Burlingame 2years $4,912
138th Larry Albright Larry Albright $4,905
139th Kandulapati SRAM Kandulapati SRAM $1,035
139th Michael and Mrs. Scheer Michael and Mrs. Scheer 5years $4,905
140th Danny Henderson Danny Henderson 2years $4,904
141st Bonnie Jo Cheron Bonnie Jo Cheron 2years $4,854
142nd John Hock John Hock 4years $4,835
143rd Mauricio Ramirez Mauricio Ramirez 2years $4,821
143rd Robert Wurz Robert Wurz 3years $2,505
144th Barbra Vidinich Barbra Vidinich 7years $4,806
145th Rose Dutkevich Rose Dutkevich 6years $4,802
146th Lisa Stout Lisa Stout 3years $4,792
147th Eungho Lee Eungho Lee $1,001
147th Ray Madaia Ray Madaia 2years $4,762
148th Charles Bauer Charles Bauer $4,726
148th Meredith Turner Willis Meredith Turner Willis $2,322
149th Sean Strother Sean Strother 2years $4,724
150th Eric Shepard Eric Shepard 6years $4,711