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Rank Name Raised
293rd Iva Werling Ashley Iva Werling Ashley $75
293rd Matthew Rademacher Matthew Rademacher $75
293rd Thomas Buonocore Thomas Buonocore $75
293rd Valerie Page Valerie Page $75
297th Patrick Graves Patrick Graves $72
298th Ira Lunsk Ira Lunsk $72
298th Jeremy McHenry Jeremy McHenry $72
298th John Woodburn John Woodburn $72
298th Karlene Shimko Karlene Shimko $72
298th Maredith Spector Maredith Spector $72
298th Matthew Smith Matthew Smith $72
298th Trent Howerton Trent Howerton $72
305th John Wilson John Wilson $72
306th Shawn McNabb Shawn McNabb $72
307th Elizabeth Hoffman Elizabeth Hoffman $72
308th VanillaFudge Thunder VanillaFudge Thunder $72
309th Andrea Maiorano Andrea Maiorano $70
309th Daniel Rutberg Daniel Rutberg $70
309th David Arriaga David Arriaga $70
309th David Hildner David Hildner $70