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Rank Name Raised
12446th Eric Rummells Eric Rummells $190
16767th Eric S. Beaverson Eric S. Beaverson $36
5407th Eric Shirk Eric Shirk $706
8668th Eric Slocum Eric Slocum $505
15349th Eric Steffon Eric Steffon 2years $72
14037th Eric Stewart Eric Stewart 2years $114
2403rd Eric Walcher Eric Walcher 6years $1,273
11736th Eric Wickwire Eric Wickwire $236
N/A Eric Yakovlev Eric Yakovlev $0
N/A Erica Baptie Erica Baptie $0
N/A Erica Gonzalez Erica Gonzalez $0
N/A Erica Gray Erica Gray 2years $0
14598th Erica Mudd Erica Mudd $101
N/A Erica Olson Erica Olson 2years $0
15961st Erica Tucker Erica Tucker 3years $52
N/A Erick Fernandez Erick Fernandez $0
N/A Erick Lopez Erick Lopez $0
7512th Erik Brabo Erik Brabo $551
11697th Erik Kurt Simonsen Erik Kurt Simonsen 6years $239
11023rd Erik Moody Erik Moody 2years $288