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Rank Name Raised
309th Mattie Rogers Mattie Rogers $552
310th Zachary Williams Zachary Williams $551
311th Dave Roberts Dave Roberts $551
312th David Martinez David Martinez $550
312th Roberto L. Munoz Roberto L. Munoz $550
314th Shane Alimo Shane Alimo $550
315th Charles Staal Charles Staal $549
316th Chance Tullis Chance Tullis $549
317th Mike Howell Mike Howell $548
318th Chris Dixon Chris Dixon $548
N/A David Golay David Golay $0
319th Dion Rigsby Dion Rigsby $545
319th Linda Messinger Linda Messinger $545
319th Michelle Griggs Michelle Griggs $545
319th Nancy Belanger Nancy Belanger $545
319th Stephanie Robinson Stephanie Robinson $545
324th Paul Cox Paul Cox $543
325th Matthew Beltowski Matthew Beltowski $543
326th Tracy Sprader Tracy Sprader $543
327th Shannon Tabaldo Shannon Tabaldo $542