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Rank Name Raised
1398th Quentin Ward Quentin Ward $1,735
1683rd Gordy Yowell Gordy Yowell $1,552
17368th Lauren Parson Lauren Parson $114
8355th peter ahee peter ahee $565
2756th Richard Colla Richard Colla $1,165
7708th Johnny Thunder Johnny Thunder $600
N/A Melissa Ann Coles Melissa Ann Coles $0
5268th Supa Supa Supa Supa $773
10201st Ed Von Bevern Ed Von Bevern $506
17719th Marston Bloom Marston Bloom $104
12442nd Anthony Hardwick Anthony Hardwick $339
18453rd Yoshinori Hasebe Yoshinori Hasebe $93
19466th Michael John Miller Michael John Miller $72
N/A Gabriel Saavedra Gabriel Saavedra $0
2642nd James Sampson James Sampson $1,195
13757th Eric Ritter Eric Ritter $257
2325th Ronald Begnoche Ronald Begnoche $1,273
16915th Shon Hargis Shon Hargis $125
N/A Jason Remington Jason Remington $0
74th Jim Catteau Jim Catteau $6,200