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Rank Name Raised
372nd Alexander Bazzi Alexander Bazzi $36
N/A Andrew burke Andrew burke $0
177th Andy Moss Andy Moss $120
N/A Annie Forbes Annie Forbes $0
N/A Anthony Lawhon Anthony Lawhon $0
221st Archie Johnson Archie Johnson $100
315th Arnold Sese Arnold Sese $52
N/A Austin Horstman Austin Horstman $0
N/A Ben Delin Ben Delin $0
N/A Bill Kirchoff Bill Kirchoff $0
N/A Brad Beaird Brad Beaird $0
N/A Brad Lindenmayer Brad Lindenmayer $0
N/A Brian Hillen Brian Hillen $0
N/A Brian Scholder Brian Scholder $0
N/A Brian Stephens Brian Stephens $0
246th Brittany Sigler Brittany Sigler $91
N/A Carla Douglas Carla Douglas $0
146th Carol Roth Carol Roth $140
N/A Cesar Soto Cesar Soto $0
249th Chris Harman Chris Harman $88