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Rank Name Raised
357th Jerry Thielen Jerry Thielen 3years $3,356
358th Sarah Roeder Sarah Roeder 2years $3,352
359th Elizabeth Wolff Elizabeth Wolff $3,346
360th Brenda Sabor Brenda Sabor $3,343
362nd Chad Smith Chad Smith $3,335
363rd Erik Roaf Erik Roaf $3,334
364th Paul Horner Paul Horner $3,333
365th Jennifer Schoeneck Jennifer Schoeneck 3years $3,324
366th Ruthie Delwiche Ruthie Delwiche 2years $3,314
367th Brian Reisinger Brian Reisinger $3,313
368th Jeff McCullough Jeff McCullough 4years $3,305
369th Dan Sundius Dan Sundius 2years $3,304
370th Clay Smalley Clay Smalley 2years $3,300
355th Matthew Stewart Matthew Stewart $3,298
371st Connie Rogers Connie Rogers $3,291
372nd Gregory DiBiase Gregory DiBiase $3,291
373rd Ben Miller Ben Miller $3,290
374th Deanna Haselhuhn Deanna Haselhuhn 3years $3,286
375th Jake Tompkins Jake Tompkins 5years $3,278