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Rank Name Raised
740th Nicole Bowling Nicole Bowling $2,509
741st Melissa Zapata Melissa Zapata $2,509
742nd John Eshleman John Eshleman $2,508
743rd Andrea Steward Andrea Steward $2,508
743rd Hayley Brown Hayley Brown $1,403
744th Sheila Amaral Sheila Amaral $2,508
745th Matthew Pyhala Matthew Pyhala $2,508
746th Maura Nicholson Maura Nicholson $2,507
747th Stephen Fink Stephen Fink $2,507
748th Michael Richardson Michael Richardson $2,507
749th Eric Rodgers Eric Rodgers $2,506
750th Abigail Jones Abigail Jones $2,506
751st Mark Saffer Mark Saffer $2,506
752nd Angie Cantu Angie Cantu $2,506
753rd Joe Hamilton Joe Hamilton $2,505
754th Mark Wofford Mark Wofford $2,505
755th Jim Carter Jim Carter $2,505
756th Ryan Newcomb Ryan Newcomb $2,505
757th Michael Karp Michael Karp $2,504
758th Brian Stephens Brian Stephens $2,504