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Rank Name Raised
120th Stacie Harder Stacie Harder $85
121st Patrick Vallely Patrick Vallely $85
122nd Patrick Plank Patrick Plank $80
123rd Greg Johnson Greg Johnson $77
124th Lorraine Maguire Lorraine Maguire $76
125th Christopher Ballester Christopher Ballester $75
125th Ethan Boehner Ethan Boehner $75
125th Nicole Murray Nicole Murray $75
125th Valerie Piarowski Johnson Valerie Piarowski Johnson $75
125th Vicki Robertson Vicki Robertson $75
130th George P Manuel George P Manuel $72
130th Jill Baker Jill Baker $72
130th Nicola Scott Nicola Scott $72
130th Sandy Messerle Sandy Messerle $72
130th Sharon Blakeney Sharon Blakeney $72
135th Allan Nash Allan Nash $72
135th Don Munkres Don Munkres $72
135th Francisco Rodriguez Francisco Rodriguez $72
135th Maria Novak Maria Novak $72
135th Pete Wingier Pete Wingier $72