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Rank Name Raised
189th Gina Le Gina Le $1,240
190th Satnam Bansal Satnam Bansal 5years $1,238
191st Susan Cullado Susan Cullado $1,237
192nd Michael Hescock Michael Hescock $1,237
N/A Theresa Tran Theresa Tran 2years $0
193rd Cody Sutton Cody Sutton 2years $1,228
194th Chris Springer Chris Springer 3years $1,217
195th colleen poulin colleen poulin 3years $1,216
196th Andy Smith Andy Smith 3years $1,216
197th Edward DeLaura Edward DeLaura 2years $1,214
198th Chan Bliss Chan Bliss 7years $1,209
199th Stephen Smithers Stephen Smithers 3years $1,208
200th Jeffrey Postell Jeffrey Postell 2years $1,203
201st Anne Lillian Mitchell Anne Lillian Mitchell 3years $1,198
202nd Raj Hora Raj Hora 5years $1,195
203rd Debbie Wagner Debbie Wagner 3years $1,194
204th Christopher Weber Christopher Weber 5years $1,185
205th Kenzie Pete DeLaine Kenzie Pete DeLaine 3years $1,183
206th John Fischer John Fischer 3years $1,179
207th Ryan Tiller Ryan Tiller $1,177