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Rank Name Raised
1353rd Jerry Piven Jerry Piven $146
47th Joel Falter Joel Falter $1,344
183rd John Brunette John Brunette $705
3179th John Dickson John Dickson $41
N/A Katie Mihalenko Katie Mihalenko $0
N/A Kaylene Lang Kaylene Lang $0
N/A Mari Bandin Mari Bandin $0
556th Mark Dana Mark Dana $350
N/A Mary Albachten Mary Albachten $0
N/A Matt Sandine Matt Sandine $0
N/A Matt Starr Matt Starr $0
N/A Michael Abel Michael Abel $0
N/A Nicholas Erick Nemirsky Nicholas Erick Nemirsky $0
N/A Nicholas Foster Nicholas Foster $0
N/A Nick Blauvelt Nick Blauvelt $0
N/A Richard Shaw Richard Shaw $0
N/A Robert Alvarez Robert Alvarez $0
1715th Ryan Ashby Ryan Ashby $110
N/A Sabree Miller Sabree Miller $0
N/A Shadaia Hill Shadaia Hill $0