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Rank Name Raised
1058th Mike Anderson Mike Anderson $2,065
10412th Joynel Burgess Joynel Burgess $504
15003rd Francis Rivera Francis Rivera $199
N/A Johnathan Hsu Johnathan Hsu $0
9390th Torin McFarland Torin McFarland $526
3378th Diane Dorn Diane Dorn $1,051
N/A Thomas Hiles Thomas Hiles $0
1390th John Zimdars John Zimdars $1,738
22980th Sandy Jakubowski Sandy Jakubowski $26
2125th BJ Larson BJ Larson $1,342
N/A Dave Waldburger Dave Waldburger $0
5090th Richard Borget Richard Borget $791
11680th Randy Warren Randy Warren $418
5331st Ryan Hamilton Ryan Hamilton $767
N/A Harry Marquez Harry Marquez $0
9199th Scott Starbuck Scott Starbuck $533
2887th Robin Haas Robin Haas $1,133
21560th Jolene Preus Jolene Preus $36
1866th Christopher Considine Christopher Considine $1,463
17557th Claudia Bailey Claudia Bailey $109