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Rank Name Raised
N/A Darrel Conway Darrel Conway $0
N/A Darrick Bissell Darrick Bissell $0
N/A Dave Coker Dave Coker $0
N/A Dave Freeman Dave Freeman $0
N/A Dave Gladden Dave Gladden $0
N/A Dave Mraz Dave Mraz $0
N/A David Abernathy David Abernathy $0
N/A David Burtner David Burtner $0
N/A David Carr David Carr $0
N/A David Castillo David Castillo $0
N/A David Combs David Combs $0
N/A David Dobbs David Dobbs $0
N/A David Drews David Drews $0
N/A David Eisenhuth David Eisenhuth $0
N/A David Feibelmann David Feibelmann $0
N/A David Foss David Foss $0
N/A David Goldstein David Goldstein $0
N/A David Gonzalez David Gonzalez $0
N/A David Gregory David Gregory $0
N/A David Hitchcock David Hitchcock $0