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Rank Name Raised
189th Stacy Klone Stacy Klone 4years $5,003
190th Jason Hurwitz Jason Hurwitz 2years $5,000
190th Leonard Rhett Leonard Rhett 2years $2,301
191st John Webster John Webster 3years $4,968
192nd Diane Lepak Diane Lepak 2years $4,953
193rd Steven Smith Steven Smith 2years $4,902
194th Jody Brickman Jody Brickman 3years $4,878
195th John Hock John Hock 4years $4,870
196th Eric Shepard Eric Shepard 6years $4,834
197th Michael Porreca Michael Porreca $4,824
198th Shawn Leland Shawn Leland 4years $4,818
199th Sal Sangiuolo Sal Sangiuolo 4years $4,806
200th Lisa Stout Lisa Stout 3years $4,792
201st Laura Lane Bender Laura Lane Bender 4years $4,778
202nd Scott Roeder Scott Roeder 7years $4,737
203rd Olivier Lotterie Olivier Lotterie 2years $4,736
204th Victoria Boland Victoria Boland 3years $4,724
205th James Spahn James Spahn 5years $4,714
206th John White John White 5years $4,679
207th Frank Velleca Frank Velleca $4,675