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Rank Name Raised
135th Roy Adams Roy Adams 2years $5,219
136th Michael and Mrs. Scheer Michael and Mrs. Scheer 5years $5,215
137th jc curry jc curry $5,214
138th Donald Adetoye Donald Adetoye 2years $5,197
139th Barbra Vidinich Barbra Vidinich 7years $5,161
139th Kandulapati SRAM Kandulapati SRAM $1,035
140th Tim McCann Tim McCann 6years $5,153
141st Larry Schieve Larry Schieve 4years $5,142
142nd Mary Lee Hilt Mary Lee Hilt 3years $5,122
143rd Ray Madaia Ray Madaia 2years $5,109
143rd Robert Wurz Robert Wurz 3years $2,509
144th Jesse Davis Jesse Davis 4years $5,107
145th Lisa Christiansen Lisa Christiansen 4years $5,104
146th Deborah Manzoni Deborah Manzoni 3years $5,100
147th Amedeo Gallotto Amedeo Gallotto 2years $5,098
147th Eungho Lee Eungho Lee $1,001
148th gary eisen gary eisen 3years $5,090
148th Meredith Turner Willis Meredith Turner Willis $2,386
149th Jennifer D'Alessio Jennifer D'Alessio 2years $5,087
150th Mauricio Ramirez Mauricio Ramirez 2years $5,079