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Rank Name Raised
N/A Amante Pacla Amante Pacla 7years $0
N/A Amit Shukla Amit Shukla 3years $0
N/A Amy Riggs Amy Riggs 2years $0
N/A Andrea Maiorano Andrea Maiorano 4years $0
N/A Andres Isaza Andres Isaza 3years $0
N/A Andrew Staffileno Andrew Staffileno 7years $0
N/A Angela Delpaz Angela Delpaz 4years $0
N/A Angela Moran Angela Moran 5years $0
N/A Anisa Kasuboski Anisa Kasuboski 4years $0
N/A Ann Funck Ann Funck 2years $0
N/A Anne Beinke Anne Beinke 3years $0
N/A April Thompson April Thompson 3years $0
N/A Arthur Elman Arthur Elman 2years $0
N/A Arthur Thompson Arthur Thompson 4years $0
N/A Arturo Ruiz Arturo Ruiz 4years $0
N/A Ashley Eichele Ashley Eichele 2years $0
N/A Audrey Carrillo Audrey Carrillo 3years $0
N/A August Burchard August Burchard 3years $0
N/A bananas mcgeesmith bananas mcgeesmith $0
N/A Benjamin Elliott Benjamin Elliott 5years $0