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Rank Name Raised
169th gary eisen gary eisen 3years $5,214
170th Jesse Davis Jesse Davis 4years $5,207
171st Keith Young Keith Young 5years $5,190
172nd Joni Sommerville Joni Sommerville 5years $5,174
173rd Amedeo Gallotto Amedeo Gallotto 2years $5,170
174th Tim McCann Tim McCann 6years $5,166
175th Guy Mery Guy Mery 5years $5,159
176th Gary Schnabel Gary Schnabel 3years $5,142
177th Benjamin Moritz Schaefer Benjamin Moritz Schaefer 3years $5,141
178th Deborah Manzoni Deborah Manzoni 3years $5,135
179th Ray Madaia Ray Madaia 2years $5,109
180th Ron Greenberg Ron Greenberg $5,105
181st Lisa Christiansen Lisa Christiansen 4years $5,104
182nd Brian Woodward Brian Woodward $5,093
183rd JODY THOMAS JODY THOMAS 5years $5,060
184th Charles Bauer Charles Bauer $5,055
185th Peter Bixby Peter Bixby 2years $5,053
186th Beth Blackman Beth Blackman 4years $5,052
187th Andrew Gettle Andrew Gettle 2years $5,046
188th Mark Collette Mark Collette 3years $5,039