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Rank Name Raised
N/A Lindsey Bowers Lindsey Bowers $0
N/A Logan johnson Logan johnson $0
N/A Louis Williams Jr Louis Williams Jr $0
N/A Luis Guillen Luis Guillen $0
N/A Marisa Wallace Marisa Wallace $0
500th Mathew Dominguez Mathew Dominguez $15
293rd Matthew Blaine Matthew Blaine $57
N/A Megan Welch Megan Welch $0
N/A Miguel Palafox Miguel Palafox $0
N/A Miguel Palafox Miguel Palafox $0
N/A Nicholas Exman Nicholas Exman $0
N/A Nicholas Levenhagen Nicholas Levenhagen $0
N/A Osvaldo Valdes Osvaldo Valdes $0
N/A Patrick Johnson-Hoffman Patrick Johnson-Hoffman $0
N/A Peter Smolinski Peter Smolinski $0
N/A Ray Best Ray Best $0
64th Raymond Fuller Raymond Fuller $335
N/A Rob Handschuh Rob Handschuh $0
N/A Robert Schutte Robert Schutte $0
500th Robert Szajna Robert Szajna $15