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Rank Name Raised
930th Kim Curran-Moore Kim Curran-Moore $2,208
931st Ronald Silvernale Ronald Silvernale $2,205
932nd Sue Stark Sue Stark $2,205
933rd Heather Kligfeld Heather Kligfeld $2,204
934th Suzanne Hansen Suzanne Hansen $2,203
935th Kyle Norris Kyle Norris $2,202
936th Cynthia Lofthus Cynthia Lofthus $2,202
937th Suzanne Butrico Suzanne Butrico $2,201
938th Pamela Olsen Pamela Olsen $2,201
939th Julie Kelly Julie Kelly $2,200
940th Shawn Marie Remely Shawn Marie Remely $2,198
941st Jack VanZanten Jack VanZanten $2,195
942nd Kevin Connell Kevin Connell $2,190
943rd Michael Harrison Michael Harrison $2,190
944th Pauline O'Keeffe Pauline O'Keeffe $2,189
945th Logan Missner Logan Missner $2,188
946th Emily Crawford Emily Crawford $2,186
947th Gregarious Narain Gregarious Narain $2,185
948th Dan Rhoden Dan Rhoden $2,184
949th Eric Sickenberger Eric Sickenberger $2,183