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Rank Name Raised
100th Molly Walsh Molly Walsh $5,281
101st Chad Rodgers Chad Rodgers $5,263
102nd Griffin Van Nest Griffin Van Nest $5,262
103rd Neal Ehrlich Neal Ehrlich $5,262
104th Alex Owen Alex Owen $5,179
105th Barbra Vidinich Barbra Vidinich $5,175
106th Tom Schultz Tom Schultz $5,163
107th Tim Jandt Tim Jandt $5,158
108th Beth Blackman Beth Blackman $5,157
109th Sandy Lutz Sandy Lutz $5,150
110th Charla George Charla George $5,129
111th Paul Dougherty Paul Dougherty $5,120
112th Bob Brown Bob Brown $5,118
113th James Spahn James Spahn $5,117
114th John Webster John Webster $5,110
115th Stan Norman Stan Norman $5,091
116th Luis SeraFin Luis SeraFin $5,089
117th Amy Kaufman Amy Kaufman $5,088
118th Larry Schieve Larry Schieve $5,066
119th Tracy Kutsch Tracy Kutsch $5,050